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Minimalist Design, with Less Bezel and More Picture

To create a truly stylish look, Toshiba TV pushes the edges to new extremes. The reduced bezel ows directly into the display without interruptions, providing you with an enriched, immersive viewing experience.

Bringing more colour, passion and power to home entertainment, Toshiba Televisions is spearheading the future of television through aspirational design and trend-setting innovation.

Founded in 1875, the brand is building on years of technical expertise, having already achieved international acclaim with the release of numerous world-first and Japanese-first products and services, including the launch of the first-ever colour television in 1972.

With 70 years of brand heritage, Toshiba Televisions is now set to enthral the next generation of viewers, powering the imagination and unlocking emotion using cutting-edge visual and audio technologies. Expanding the television colour spectrum and delivering spectacular, life-like picture clarity, Toshiba Televisions promises to deliver a deeply immersive viewing experience, intensifying the impact of every on-screen thrill and adventure.

With Toshiba Televisions, the ingenuity of each television design can be immediately felt and experienced. The televisions are built to harmonize with the surrounding environment, offering minimalist and ultra-sleek finishes as well as user-friendly designs. To ensure a more authentic audio experience, our television’s slim bezel frames are also made to accommodate the latest audio technologies and solutions. The New Generation Toshiba Smart Television promises to deliver the joy of living, excitement and happiness through uncompromising world-class Japanese Quality. It brings cinematic experiences at your home to deliver a deeply immersive viewing experience using features like Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, Full Array Local dimming to name a few.

Determined to uphold and build upon its reputation for value and high quality, Toshiba Televisions continue to set and to regulate the Quality Assurance standards for its televisions, conducting rigorous engineer testing on all models.

Building on decades of technical know-how, Toshiba Televisions remain at the cutting-edge of essential design and must-have innovation. Tried, tested and affectionately prized by millions of people around the globe, this much-loved brand is still delivering the high quality and user-friendly televisions for which it has become so well-known.

Toshiba TV in India are manufactured, sold and supported by Hisense India Pvt Ltd

For any inquiries or requests regarding Toshiba-TVs, please contact Hisense India Pvt Ltd. Toshiba India Private Limited does not provide such support